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Imagotipo Rials S.L.

Manufacturers since 1957

SINCE 1957

In 1957, RIALS SA was founded by Antonio Riesco Moreno and JM. Alonso for the manufacturing of rubber profiles and vulcanized frames solely by steam. It started as a small company located in Madrid, catering to specific needs in the sector. Its success eventually led to the establishment of affiliated companies to facilitate collaboration.

Primeras instalaciones de Rials en Madrid

First facilities of Rials SA in Madrid City

Instalaciones de Rials en 1993

Current facilities of Rials S.L.

In 1972, the company NEOTEX SA was established for the manufacturing of rubber profiles using continuous vulcanization methods such as High-Frequency and Salt Bath. Later, in 1974, RUBALCA SA was founded for the production of rubber compounds, and a laboratory was established for the control and research of new formulas.

After years of economic growth and a progressively increasing presence in the sector, RIALS SA merged with NEOTEX SA and relocated to the facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz in 1993, where we continue our operations to this day.

In 2015, a significant final change occurred as RIALS SA transformed into RIALS SL, while retaining the same human and production resources as before.

Currently, we have over 65 years of experience in the sector and a strong commercial network in Europe and the rest of the world. Furthermore, we have taken the lead in the development of products with high added value.

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